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21_Day_Kit_Skin_Clarifying (002)
21_Day_Kit_Skin_Clarifying (002)

Agera Skin Clarifying – 21 Day Trial Kit


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Agera Skin Clarifying – 21 Day Trial Kit

Kit includes:

  • Deep Cleansing Salicylic Wash (60ml)
  • Mag C Peptide Serum (15ml)
  • Oxy Infusion Cream (10ml)
  • Oil Free Plus Moisturiser (10ml)
  • Antibacterial Peptide Cream (10ml)
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Product Description

The Agera Skin Clarifying – 21 Day Trial Kit is a great way to introduce your customers to the powerful Acne fighting products of Agera.

It is also ideal for clients who wish to carry on using Agera products at home after a treatment.

A great way to maintain healthy skin in between appointments.

Products are specifically designed to combat acne.


MagC Peptide Serum (15ml trial size) is formulated to deliver a high dose of stabilized Vitamin C, in various studies high doses of Vitamin C has been shown to increase collagen synthesis. Contains a powerful peptide which further enhances this product’s ability to produce an even-toned, healthier, younger-looking complexion.

Deep Cleansing Salicylic Wash (60ml) – Cleanses without stripping away natural oils. Specially formulated for oily, acne prone, problem skin.

Oil Free Plus Moisturizer (10ml trial size) 

Oxy Infusion (10ml trial size) 

Antibacterial Peptide Cream (10ml trial size) 



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